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What Video Should I Make?

What Video Should I Make?

46% of consumers say they made a purchase after watching a branded social video. So, you’re already sold on the necessity of branded video content. Now you’re scratching your head wondering ‘what video should I make?’ You’re not the first and certainly won’t be the last. A blank canvas can be intimidating. Thankfully, that’s what we’re here for. If you want to create videos that truly resonate with your audience, we’ve got some vital advice.

Four Key Themes

The most successful video content can be categorised into one of four key themes:

  • Funny
  • Useful
  • Beautiful
  • Inspiring

The best branded video content has real focus, usually via one of the above themes. It’s not enough to simply shoot and point at the brand’s best features or cover the action at a brand event.

With any of these key themes, the first stop is to look at which one is already best aligned with the brand to begin with. And, in which areas is your current advertising aligned. 

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Why Should I Make a ‘Funny’ Video?

Humour is possibly one of the most difficult techniques to get right with video content. It can be pretty polarising and alienating to some viewers. Having said this, if you know your audience well enough, you’ll know how to make them laugh. There are some huge benefits of creating videos that get giggles.

Why Is Humour So Effective?

Humour is brilliant for connecting with an audience and concurrently highly shareable. The natural human reaction to finding something funny is to share it with someone who will also appreciate it. If you’re looking to make an impact on social media, this is a viable route worth consideration.

What to Consider When Producing Funny Content

To create funny content you’ll work with a highly specialised Director and Producer… not everyone can do funny!

Why Should I Make ‘Useful’ Videos?

Speak to any content marketing specialist and they’ll preach the importance of adding value. This is the same for any of your assets, whether you’re blogging or creating brand videos. You want to be the source people use.

Why Is Useful Content So Effective?

In its simplest terms, useful videos could be a ‘how to’ for your brand products. But, you’ll get more engagement if you create branded video content in ‘useful’ areas of life and then aligning your brand. Useful content reaffirms a brand’s authority within a market.

A great example of this is Mirabeau Wine. The vineyard produced a short video on how to open a bottle of wine with a shoe. It’s had over 11 million view so far and is helping plenty of people stuck without a corkscrew.

What to Consider When Producing Useful Content

Who is your audience? Could the video be watched and appreciated by someone who hasn’t already got the product or already used the service?  Are the terms and images used kept in the simplest form or will they only make sense to the most educated of your current customers. Remember, useful means useful. Your content needs to be inclusive.

Why Should I Make Beautiful Video Content?

Creating high quality, aesthetically pleasing content can set you apart from the competition. We’ve seen this countless times with perfume, fashion and car adverts. Sometimes, the beauty of a video is what sells us on the brand. In these cases, this content is hugely effective. If your brand has positioned itself as high-end or luxurious, beautiful videos can reaffirm this message.

Why is Beautiful Content so effective?

The most beautiful content fills our eyes and ears with sights and sounds that evoke high emotions.  Putting the viewer in this frame of mind via video will lead to brand attractiveness itself and they’ll quickly enter the purchase cycle.

What to Consider When Making Beautiful Content

Beautiful content needs incredible planning, exceptional direction, cinematography and lighting. The way your video looks isn’t enough, there has to be a point to it. There needs to be a connection for the viewer to latch onto, otherwise all the ‘considerable’ time and money spent to make this type of film will be lost. Without a connection a film will silently pass into the background. It may be a ‘nice watch’ but you won’t remember it, or want to go back to it.

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Why Should I Make Inspiring Videos?

Inspirational content plays on the emotions of your audience and takes them to a place they’d desire to be. Whether you show how a product will enhance their lives or promote a broader lifestyle, it’s got to touch the viewer to the point of action.

Why Is Inspiring Content Effective?

Inspiring content leads an individual into action without being overly promotional. It’s effective and persuasive without being invasive. Brands that are successful at this know what their viewers want from life and shoot their products under this framework.

What to Consider When Making Inspirational Content

Making inspiring videos is even more about storytelling than any other form of video content. To engage you need truly emotional stories with universal appeal. The subject matter and the person telling the story is absolutely paramount. Certain stories resonate for years and generations, research is vital to find those stories and cast the most inspirational people. Consumers are open to a limitless amount of inspirational content on a daily basis, can your brand stand out?

Still Stuck? Let’s Have a Chat

Every theme has its pros and cons. The most important aspect of any brand video is that it is true to the brand and connects with its target audience.

At Silver Bullet, we specialise in telling great stories that deliver results. We produce branded video content that we know your audience will love. We can help with your strategic vision and the video production. If you’re unsure what type of video is best for your brand, get in touch today and let’s have a chat.

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