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The Use Of Influencer Marketing In Branded Video Content

The Use of Influencer Marketing in Branded Video Content

Influencer marketing is big news. This branch of promotion is growing exponentially and there’s good reason too. Consumers no longer look towards brands for purchasing decisions in the way they once did. Instead, they take notice of what their social network is buying. This is where the influencer comes into play. By using a recognised personality in your video, you’re aligning your brand with the values and reputation of a leading social figure. So, what’s important to consider when using influencer marketing in your branded video content?


Why Is Influencer Marketing So Popular?

Influencer marketing isn’t just about video. It’s taking over as a digital marketing strategy in its own right. From social media posts sponsored by brands to celebrities physically associating themselves with products. Why is it so popular? Why is it rapidly overtaking traditional marketing channels like paid media?

A Captive Audience

This is one of the key allures of influencers. They speak directly to a consumer who trusts them. If you’re targeting a specific demographic, finding an influencer who appeals to that audience is a hugely effective weapon in your arsenal. It’s not only about a respected advocacy but also selling a lifestyle.

Aligning Your Brand’s Reputation

Reputations are difficult to build and easy to destroy. By channelling your marketing efforts through an influencer, you’re aligning your brand’s reputation with theirs. The influencer is effectively waving a flag saying ‘I trust these guys and so should you’.

A Fresh Approach

When creating branded video content, the message and story comes first. It’s not an advertisement or commercial – it’s about reaching out to an audience and offering something of value. This is a mindset echoed by influencer marketing.

In discussion about influencer marketing, AdWeek writes:

“People expect brands to talk with them rather than at them. They no longer expect brands to sell to them, but to entertain and inform them. In this new paradigm, influencers are a force to be reckoned with.”

By selecting the right influencer, you’re opening a natural discussion with their following about your content. You’re not in their face selling a product but your brand will be remembered.

It Shows Your Brand is Current

Teaming up with an influencer who is both popular and current proves your brand is relevant and understands its audience. When large corporations use influencers in their branded video content, it puts an informal and approachable face at the forefront of their promotion – this can be difficult to achieve with more traditional marketing methods.


Using Influencers in Branded Video Content

There are plenty of exciting ways to integrate influencers into your branded video content. Be as imaginative and original as possible. Here are a few ways we’ve incorporated influencers for our previous clients.

Paul Wallace (Supercars of London) & Sam (Seen Through Glass) Visit Goodwood Festival of Speed

This video for Michelin saw supercar enthusiasts Paul Wallace (Supercars of London) and Sam (Seen Through Glass) head to Goodwood Festival of Speed. The influencers met some of the biggest names in motor-racing including Le Mans legend Tom Kristensen and speed hero Mikko Hirvonen. Speaking about everything motorsport related, from why Le Mans cars are always dirty to the sensation of driving a vehicle to its very limits.

Fashion Blogger Sabrina Carder Shows Us a Day in Her Life for Philips

Sabrina Carder (The Young Eccentric) is a fashion blogger, writer and DJ who’s amassed thousands of followers. Her opinions on everything from lifestyle choices to the latest trends can seriously alter the buying choices of her fans. This is why this video from Philips is so powerful. In its simplest form, it shows us the daily routine of Sabrina – including waking up, feeding her fish, heading to photo shoots and of course brushing her with the Philips Sonicare AirFloss Pro. The product use is subtle, inoffensive but hugely effective.

Dita Von Teese Discussing the Allure of Cointreau Privé

In our video for Cointreau, iconic burlesque performer and global brand ambassador Dita Von Teese discusses the opulence and glamour she brought to the opening night of Cointreau Privé– a short term pop-up cocktail club in London. Talking about cocktail choices, her iconic martini glass performance and the Parisian décor of the club itself, this video radiates the elegance associated with such an illustrious alcoholic beverage.

Drawbacks of Using Influencers

In an article on the ROI of influencer marketing, Marketing Week discuss the difficulties in understanding how effective using influencers can be. This isn’t an isolated issue. There are some other potential drawbacks that need consideration.

Influencers are Expensive

Influencers come in many different shapes and sizes. From Kim Kardashian at the heights of fame to niche bloggers only known within their field. Using an influencer will likely be more expensive than a regular actor. The cost you pay will depend on the individual’s exposure, following and social influence. The biggest question a brand must answer before diving into this space, is whether it’s worth the money.

It’s Not Simple to Measure the ROI

When a brand pays an influencer to post about their product on social media, the effect and ROI can be easily measured. This is less clean cut for videos. It can be difficult to quantify whether an influencer’s appearance delivered the return you were hoping for. Social signals and shares may be the best way to do this.

Picking an Influencer is Difficult

If you’re a make-up brand, it’s pointless creating a video with Wayne Rooney. This may be an extreme example but it illustrates an important point. Just because someone’s famous, it doesn’t mean they’re a good match for your brand. You need a personality that can leverage your target audience. Picking the wrong influencer will leave your video disjointed and ineffective.

Ethics and Morality

When creating content with someone who lives their life firmly in the spotlight, it’s important you trust them as a worthy ambassador for your brand. Publishing a video with a personality who finds themselves in the press for negative reasons is going to look bad on you. Does the influencer’s off camera personal ethics and morality align with yours?

Time is Money

Influencers are renowned for having busy schedules. If you’ve got your heart set on a specific individual, your content may be delayed until they have free time in the diary.


This is more applicable to the larger and wider recognised influencers. If they have other affiliations, you may find your video is altered to appease another company. This could be anything from certain clothes worn, to the way in which the individual is represented in the video.


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How to Find the Perfect Influencer for Your Video

Many of the drawbacks mentioned above can be overcome by simply finding the right influencer for your video.

Start With Your Audience

Alike so much in business, it all starts with your audience. Who do they follow? Whose opinion do they trust the most? Who could influence their buying behaviour?

Focus on a Niche

Bigger isn’t always better. There are plenty of influencers who have a small but dedicated following of consumers directly relevant to your brand. This is a great route to take if you’re unconvinced about spending big to get a personality on board.

Look at Social Engagement

When you’ve got a few influencers in mind, study their social engagement. Have they participated in any other projects similar to yours? What was the result? How many people engage with them on social media?

Get Them Excited

This one’s crucial. You don’t want an influencer who’s just picking up the pay cheque. Seek out someone who is genuinely excited about what you’re offering. Think of to Eric Bana’s visit to the Phillip Island MotoGP, his passion and excitement was unmistakable. This level of authenticity is exactly what your brand needs, and almost impossible to fake.


Speak to the Experts

Creating branded video content is what we do, it’s what we’re good at. We have a strong track record of delivering videos featuring influencers that deliver results. Whether you need expert guidance on your brand’s content or want to get the ball rolling with production, we can help. Find out more about what we offer and get in touch.


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