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Branded Video Content Distribution

At Silver Bullet, we’re about more than creating award winning branded video content. We can offer essential advice and guidance on the best way to distribute your content. There’s no worth found in spending money on high quality video production if it’s not seen by your target audience. If you need help with content distribution, then look no further.

Content Distribution Options

It’s important to consider your wider content strategy before beginning the process of video production. A video for social media requires a different approach to one created for online publications. Here are some of the most common content distribution options:

  • Social media
  • Online publisher campaigns
  • Influencer marketing
  • Partnership marketing
  • Paid media

Who Are You Targeting?

When choosing your distribution strategy, it’s important to have a strong understanding of your target audience. Creating a video to promote on Facebook is ineffectual if your audience doesn’t consume content on that platform. Here are some points to consider about your audience:

  • Age and gender
  • Social status
  • Employment
  • Video content they currently consume
  • Online/mobile activity e.g. social media use
  • Articles they read
  • Websites they visit
  • Buying habits
  • Brand affiliations

What’s Important to You?

What’s the purpose of your video? Although branded video content is far more subtle than the likes of advertorials, there’s usually a pre-defined metric for success. Define what success actually means for you. It could be registrations, social shares, conversions, brand awareness or reputation building. Once you’ve settled on this, we can take a more informed approach to how distribution will help achieve these goals.

Don’t Plan on Going Viral

If you plan for your video to go viral, you’ll probably be disappointed. It’s very rare – you certainly can’t bank on it. The goal of your video should be realistically achievable. Virality isn’t an exact science, you should not incorporate this into your distribution strategy.

If social media is the main channel for circulating your content, set some realistic targets for shares, likes, comments and views. These should be relative to your following/community size and impression expectations.

Budget for Production and Distribution

Generally, your distribution budget should be at least equal to your content production budget. If you have a ready-made audience to consume the content, this may not be as important.

If your content is likely to be most effective when partnered with an influencer, publisher or promoted via paid media, you’ll need a budget ready for this from the start.

If your content strategy is planned to perfection and executed with precision, you’ll justify any money spent on distribution and production.

Regularly Analyse Performance

Once you’ve been advised on a distribution strategy, it’s important to keep tabs on it. Analyse performance to ensure you’re not wasting time or money on something which isn’t working. Your job isn’t over once the video is live and in the public domain. It needs to deliver what you planned for it. If something’s not working, ask why and see whether there’s anything you can do to change its trajectory.

You Need Quality Content

With all this said, without top quality video content, your distribution efforts will fall on uninterested eyes. You need videos which resonate with your audience, grab their interest and deliver the message your brand is communicating. Thankfully, this is our speciality. Give some of our previous work a watch to get a feel for what we can deliver for your brand.

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