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Launching Products With Branded Video Content

Launching Products with Branded Video Content

It’s more important than ever for brands to release video content alongside new product launches and re-brands.

If you’ve spent all that money readying your product, then you don’t want to fall at the last hurdle when it comes to having great quality video content.

At some point, most brands will be launching or re-launching a product. From new cars to re-branded confectionary, there’s a wealth of video content creatives that can be applied.

What are the best ways to promote new product with video? Which brands have done it well in the past? We discuss Launching Products with Branded Video Content.


Why is it important to launch with branded video content?

In a highly saturated market, brands need to go above and beyond in order to get their videos noticed.

It’s also hugely important to get it right from the start. Rarely do brands get the chance of having a second impact with product launches.

Your marketing budget should be as big as the budget for the content itself.

Otherwise, it simply won’t get seen.


Apple Mac Superbowl Commercial

One of the most famous product launch videos was the Apple Mac in 1984.

Directed by Ridley Scott and only shown once on TV during the 1984 Superbowl, this video made the product famous worldwide.

It also defined the idea of giving Ads their premier in the Superbowl commercial slot.
Not only that, the commercial itself has influenced branded content too. It’s all about the story first, the product isn’t even in the TVC.

This is perhaps the most important element to the commercial’s success. The video is more than the product. It taps into public perception, using the well-known association of ‘1984’ to engage the audience.

This stands as a lesson in branded video content: know your audience. The best campaigns are ones that are in tune with everything that surrounds their product, not just the product itself.


Live-streaming video content

Setting up an event to launch a product is hugely common of course, it’s a chance to invite PR and potential customers.

However, not all your audience will be able to make your event. This is where live-streaming comes in.

Live-streaming is sure to create a buzz around your product which will be essential in promotion.

For example, a decade ago Silver Bullet live-streamed the re-designed Fiat 500 being driven out of a London Eye capsule. This launch was visually stimulating. Editorial storytelling was placed alongside the presenters we’d brought on board and our pre-made VTs were played into the live-stream.

So, at Silver Bullet, we work with brands to put the content conversation at the top of the pile when it comes to launch events, to build the event around the content opportunities.

The technology and advancements in social media make this easy. Facebook Live and live streaming on YouTube or Vimeo (who recently bought Livestream) help in making live product launches increasingly popular.

The ease of watching these livestreams also creates a wider audience to promote your product to.


High-profile livestreaming

Using talent is one way of generating an even wider audience

If a high-profile artist is going to give an exclusive first performance of their new track, or deliver a particularly engaging piece of content at your event, then you have a PR-rich event for your key customers to attend.

Through live-streaming, content created will travel much further than those who attend the event.

An example of this was Silver Bullet’s collaboration with iconic burlesque dancer Dita von Teese to launch a pop up cocktail club in London.

Cointreau Privé incorporated live event elements alongside Dita von Teese’s take on sophistication, elegance and femininity.

The event featured von Teese’s iconic martini glass performance, which was made accessible to a wider audience through live-streaming.

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Editorial video content

Away from ‘live’ product launches, editorially focused content can get across a brand’s new or re-developed product in a brilliant way.

Another campaign Silver Bullet worked on was the re-launch of the SEAT Ibiza.

For this, we had great talent (George and Larry Lamb) and an editorially constructed ‘road trip’ during which the actors showed off the car’s new features.

The video was framed in a way that appealed to the audience. Whilst detailing the car’s new features, the brand purposefully showed the public great places to go and things to do on a UK-wide journey.

It may be that a brand has a new campaign coming out, particularly true with seasonal brands. With Halfords, Silver Bullet turned their “Gear up for summer” campaign into a 60 second pit-stop. This campaign succeeded in getting may of their products on screen in a short space of time, but in an engaging manner.


Creating products with content in mind

Alicianne Rand from Estee Lauder recently said that they are now creating products with content in mind.

This strategy gets marketing involved in the new product/re-launched product right from the start.

Before the product is launched, consider how shareable it is on social media. This should help it become a successful campaign in the long-run.

As we’ve seen with every campaign discussed, the best launches are those which keep their audience in mind. Therefore, creating products with content in mind should give your campaign the best chance of being a success.


Video content distribution

At Silver Bullet, we recognize that a brand’s best chance of product launch success is to consider the target audience.

However, after all that money’s been spent in development, to get your video seen you need to distribute it effectively. You don’t want to waste all your efforts in research and production!

It’s essential to choose the right distribution channel for your video, taking into account your audience and budget.

Would your project benefit from influencer marketing or a partnership? Will social media be an effective way to get it seen by your audience?

These are all questions that you should be asking when choosing how to distribute your video.

This final stage will make or break your campaign!


If you’re interested in the launching products with branded video content, find out more about how Silver Bullet can help you here.

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