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Getting The Branded Video Content Mix Right

Getting the Branded Video Content Mix Right

Branded content is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Each creative video is tailored to each brand for their audiences, priorities, distribution channels and messages they want to portray. The types of branded content we create offers different ways of communicating with consumers. Here are the types of creative video content a brand can have in their portfolio and how to get the branded video content mix right.


Short Form Stories

Short form stories take you straight to the heart of a narrative on behalf of a brand. This is often the everyday or inspiring stories of people who use a particular service. This type of media is short and easily accessible, making it ideal for social sharing. The short run-time reiterates the need for an enticing and immediately interesting narrative.

There are two examples of this which we particularly enjoyed working on. In both examples, an emotive response is sought from the viewer. This is done by presenting a relatable and genuine problem which the brand has helped to overcome.


The Open University: Simon’s Story

In this video we meet Simon. He tells us how he always wanted to be a Royal Marine Commando and went on to achieve that dream. He tells us of his career ending injury and the sad reality he was faced with. He then goes on to explain how he found hope in the ambition to become a PE teacher. Though, he needed a degree.

Here’s where the Open University is first mentioned. Simon explains the accessibility and enjoyment of the course, how it was able to fit around his current work life. The video ends with a montage of Simon’s graduation and his future life as a teacher. A happy ending, made achievable through the Open University.


Back Together: English Football League

The English Football League highlight the enjoyment of attending football as a family. To do so, they film a family who always attend Boxing Day games together. Although, this year the family expect to be without the eldest son Will, who is believed to be in Munich. The video follows the family as Will chooses to surprise them on their walk to the game.

The video documents the heart-warming moment the family are reunited and get to watch their favourite team together.


Short Form Editorials

Short form editorials can come in plenty of shapes and sizes. These usually target a consumer who is interested in a specific topic. The informative tone of editorials, combined with an often entertaining delivery, makes it highly effective at speaking directly to a niche target audience.

Short form editorials aren’t intended to communicate a specific promotional brand message. Instead, they reiterate a company’s position as an authority within a specific field or industry. It’s an opportunity for a brand to show off.


Michelin Car Connections

Editorials can either be stand-alone or part of a wider campaign like our Michelin Car Connections videos. This campaign saw us create numerous videos which delved into the passions for motorsport and how this can create connections between strangers.

We produced a number of videos which included influencers like Keanu Reeves, Eric Bana as well as Paul Wallace (Supercars of London) and Sam (Seen Through Glass). Attending some of the world’s most prestigious motorsports events, they were able to meet legendary figures of the sport. Each video offered valuable insights and knowledge from the likes of Valentino Rossi, Loris Capirossi, Tom Kristensen, Mikko Hirvonen and even voice of Le Mans Bruno Vanderstick.


Brand Commissioned Documentaries

This is very much a growing area which is set to boom in the coming years. Brands are beginning to commission more documentaries. These will usually be about a problem the company is looking to resolve or a cause they wish to raise awareness of.

This type of video is likely to be positioned at the top of the funnel – at the stage of building awareness and securing a brand’s position in the market. Documentaries can hold really strong value for a brand and gain credibility in their space.


30 – 60 Second Videos

Some platforms and publisher sites are more suited to shorter branded video content formats, as are some brand messages. There are a number of different branded video content approaches which are best delivered when under a minute long.

As a rule of thumb, branded videos work best as content before all else. A 20 second piece doesn’t necessarily have to be an advertisement. This will see you lose the editorial hook which can be found in branded content.

First of all, you can simply plan and execute a short short story in 30 seconds, we have two exciting examples of this.


Halfords Gear Up for Summer

The fundamental message of the video is to highlight the range of fitting services offered by Halfords. To do this in the most accessible and interesting way, we filmed a family approaching a Halfords ‘pit-stop’. Here, the car was kitted-out with the latest tech and accessories with minimal fuss. As the family drive away satisfied with their upgraded vehicle, the store’s underlying message becomes clear. Upgrading your car to benefit the whole family doesn’t have to be a hassle.


Nestle Pirate Girl

In Nestle’s advertorial, we see a young girl’s imagination come alive as she makes a break for a pack Nestle Milky Bar Buttons. When she finds herself stuck at sea with little hope of continuing the journey, her mother joins in the game. As her mother finally reaches over to grab the bag for the hungry child, Nestle’s key message arrives – ‘milk is now our no.1 ingredient’. The video positions the product as a responsible treat for healthy children.


Additional 30 – 60 Second Video Ideas

There are plenty of other exciting concepts which can be delivered in 30 – 60 seconds. For instance, a brand could create a 30 second trailer for a main video. We did this for the Michelin Car Connections videos:

Alternatively, your brand could make an action packed and ‘sizzly’ cut-down from larger editorial content. If you’re doing this, make sure it’s planned in advance so you can capture everything you need during the shoot days.


Entertainment Videos

Now it’s time to flex your muscles and excite your audience.

Video content made solely for entertainment purposes isn’t something all brands can produce – though it is highly effective. This is a company demonstrating how well they understand their target market.

The promotional side of this is kept to an absolute minimum, instead the focus is on the entertainment itself. This type of content is designed to be highly shareable and is likely to perform best on social media – though we are seeing this more and more on our TVs too.

In our everyday lives, we see so much promotional content that we learn to block it out. This is why entertainment videos are considered so effective. It doesn’t give us the opportunity to overlook it. When at its very best this type of content can go viral, though this is an unpredictable phenomenon which no brand can guarantee.


The School Run is a short form editorial format from us for Radio 1:


Live Streaming

More and more brands are using the power of live streaming to reach a wider audience. When a brand goes to the effort and expenditure of putting on an event, it makes sense to cast the net as wide as possible. Often, event attendance has to be limited. A high quality live stream of the event can allow anyone to feel like they’re involved.

Live streams of music concerts, sports events, fashion shows and conferences take place every day online. Recent advances in technology means we’re able to deliver live streams which are high quality, possess rich production values and are entirely user-friendly.

This type of video content is also a highly effective way of building a social buzz around an event. It even allows brands to engage in a two-way dialogue with the audience. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are all making a push towards encouraging live streaming.

Regular, high quality live streams offer an affordable and worthy approach to market your brand. Be warned, point and shoot streams aren’t enough, you need something editorially focussed which will deliver the user experience your audience expects.


Let Us Help

Whichever type of video you take preference to, we can help you. Every style of video mentioned in this article is something we can deliver for your audience. If you’re unsure which is best for your brand, talk to us and we’ll help make the best decision for your content strategy. Find out a bit more about the services we offer here.

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