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Making Brands Come To Life In-Front Of The Camera

Making Brands Come to Life In-Front of the Camera

How can you bring a brand to life on-screen?

Popular culture, whether that’s music, sport, arts or entertainment is everywhere. It plays an enormous role in our everyday lives!

Here’s a closer look at the latest projects we’ve been working on.

Backstage Pass with Lily Allen

Catch a glimpse into the life of one of Britain’s favourite singers!

After a four-year break from music that saw her split from her management, divorce her husband and cope with the trauma of a stalker, Lily Allen returns with a plenty to say! This ‘Mercury’ nominated album entitled ‘No Shame’ is brutally honest.

Backstage Pass follows her as she prepares to take the stage at the Mighty Hoopla Festival.

Joining her as she gets ready for her performance, Lily talks about writing a very personal album, her musical hiatus, being a mum, her thoughts on the UK press, and how she deals with her demons.

Before the performance starts, Backstage Pass gets an exclusive look at her stage preparation, including her vocal warm up, as she’s joined by loved ones.

Lily soaks up the festival atmosphere and meets fans before her set, as she deals with the anxiety she feels before taking to the stage.

Backstage Pass is a glimpse into a day in the life of Lily Allen, older and wiser but no less controversial.

Perfect Teammates

NOWTV and… Nestle? Are they a match made in heaven?

We got together with Nestlé and NOWTV to help them solve difficult life situations with a little help from the nation’s favourite confectionary, and ‘Dan the man’.

Whether it’s bringing friends together over the football, settling down to a decent film or livening up the commute, the right snacks and a good TV subscription are key. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by these two new-found teammates.

This four-part short series is a comical approach to everyday frustrations we can all relate to. Who couldn’t help but find the main character, ‘Dan the man’ ever so slightly lovable?

Finding that Winning Smile

After teaming up with Philips, we met rugby coach Kirsty. By helping others, Kirsty has found her calling in life and something she’s truly passionate about, far removed from her previous office-based roles.

Philips have taken the time to recognise those making a positive change in the community. Kirsty’s infectious passion for rugby, and helping young girls find what they’re good at, meant this film was a pleasure to make throughout.

One important message Kirsty is teaching her students is that smiling is everything, even when you’re not winning. So, whether it’s mouthguards on the pitch or adequate brushing off the pitch, looking after your teeth is important in sport!

Kirsty’s video was one of a three-part series, where Philip’s shed a light on those who deserve it. Taking the time to recognise the individuals who are changing their communities for the better was an exciting project to be a part of!

Making brands come to life

These are just three examples of what we do. As you can see, creating authentic branded video content is what we’re good at! Whether you’re looking for expert guidance or production assistance, we’re here to help. Need a closer look through the lens? Find out more about what we do here.

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